Less Cosmetics

The concept of fewer ingredients leads to better products is quite common these days. But what about the packaging, which attracts our attention in the first place? Our eyes capture the aesthetics and pureness of the style.

The Less Cosmetics packaging was designed by Patrick Reichert-Young and represents both the idea of beauty care and how delicately it can be represented.

The simple typography and the spacing and positioning of elements creates a slight dynamic for the packaging. The branding was done for the full range of products: face masks, creams, moisturisers, hand soap, and bags. All of them are designed in pure white and light grey, and the lettering becomes the symbol of the entire design.

A few additional slim lines maintain the visual balance and gives a bit of framing so that the branding impact and individuality is strengthened. The importance was not to make the design look cluttered since the product itself represents clearness and freshness.

I particularly like the light and balanced typography, which contributes a lot to the simplicity of the packaging. The product design looks organic, clean, and shows how effective packaging design can be when it adopts a minimalist approach.