Plateau Lamp

Interior design brand DANIEL, who offer a range of lighting, decorative objects, and furniture, have recently collaborated with renowned French industrial designer Ferréol Babin. Based on an awareness of function and rationality, combined with a poetic and emotional dimension, Babin’s approach has been perfectly incarnated by the Plateau lamp.

With its thin board of solid ash wood emitting light, Plateau uses LED technology in a warm and subtle manner. The asymmetrical shape of the shade—inspired by nature—is exposed to a minimalist, uncluttered, and geometric aesthetic. The presence of technology fades out, giving way to a quiet and poetic object that fits both contemporary and classic interiors.

First designed as a table lamp, a wall mounted version was also developed to address the needs of DANIEL’s clients. This version can be applied in a variety of positions, whether installed horizontally or vertically, shade facing up or down, right, or left, the versatility of the lamp makes any configuration possible to work well in an interior space.

On the inspiration behind Plateau, Babin explains:

What I like in my work is the harmony that can be created between forms that are purely industrial: geometric and controlled, and more organic shapes that represent nature’s language. This is why I imagined the straight tube for this lamp, that’s stable and heavy. Suddenly, it becomes evanescent, transforming into something thin and light. The use of the wood brings a soul—a real presence to the product. Finally, the fact that the light appears in a mysterious way adds to the lightness and poetry of the piece.