Shop WEL

Wide Eyed Legless is the blog and labour of love of Minneapolis-based designer and stylist Madelynn Furlong, who has now unveiled her latest project ‚ÄĒ The¬†WEL shop, filled with highly curated goods that represent Wide Eyed Legless’ minimalist aesthetic and values.

Drawn from collaborations with like-minded friends, WEL seeks to form a relationship between visual artists, designers and those who wish to inherit beautiful objects into their lives. We see ourselves as a ‚Äúcommunal well‚ÄĚ to partake of art and beauty ‚ÄĒ a place to celebrate the creator, the cerated and the space between.

WEL’s¬†selection of clothes, accessories, jewellery and art objects are beautifully offset by impeccable art direction and¬†Liz Gardner and Bodega‘s styling.¬†Everything in the shop is limited edition with only 10 or less of each piece, with most being even¬†just 1 of 1.

Photography by Caylon Hackwith.