This futuristically looking object, called SleepBox, is designed exclusively for naps. Envisioned by Caspar Lohner and produced by LG Hausys in collaboration with Kläusler Acrylstein AG, the piece creates a place of comfort and relaxation within airports, offices or other public and semi-public spaces, providing peace and quiet in busy urban environments. The free-form shell is made from HI-MACS®, an innovative material, which is comprised of 70% natural stone powder derived from bauxite, 25% high quality acrylic resin and 5% natural pigments. Here is how Lohner describes his experience working with this unique compound:

Every day was a challenge for me, but when something didn’t work, we tried and tried again until it was resolved. I learnt a lot about HI-MACS® fabrication possibilities thanks to this project.

A porthole on one side of the shell provides an entry to the sleeping capsule, lined with a leather covered mattress. The outer part, thanks to the shape of the object, can serve as seating. SleepBox will be exhibited from 17th to 21th January at Swissbau 2012.