The Row Resort 2020

Droplets of aquamarine, hues of scarlet, and a drop of pink, the Resort collection for The Row in 2020 is a turning of the season where leaves change colour and summer streams begin to cool down, greeting an early autumn day.

Neutral palettes have always been a strength of the Olsen sisters. By creating a signature through chromaticity, the designers were able to modify forms in order to refresh collections each season. But with Resort 2020, the insertion of vibrant colours has breathed a new sensibility to the brand’s image. Presented through a series of still images with visually poetic hand gestures and body movements, the garments emit a sensuous femininity that overtakes the usual androgyny embedded in The Row’s identity. Structures are still defined through black coats and blazers with contrasting contours highlighting refined hemlines. The addition of leather belts in long dresses further exaggerate the human body in all-right proportions, distancing the silhouettes away from the oversized volume that is known. However, being in the midst of sculptural configurations are silk evening tunic, blouse, skirt, all draped in a graceful manner as if the early autumn breeze is ready to whisk up a serene gust. The harmonisation of organic flows and angular geometries create an encounter of the seasons—the state of irregular yet familiar transitions.

Each clothing article is a minimal musical note that gets carried by frequency with a recurring pattern. Therefore, moments such as fields of exposed hand-embroidered threads and imbued metallic shines are like waves to the gentle ripples. Similar to Symphony No. 5: 4. Adagietto by Gustav Mahler, Resort 2020 for The Row is a melancholic symphony with many expanding structures. Yet occasionally, the turns of rhythms acclimate the listeners/viewers with the excitement that arouses curiosities.

The orchestrated visuality lies in the strange exchange of mid-season and ready-to-wear collections. Whilst main shows are put together with elements that ignite all the senses, in-between collections are simplistically presented. One then begs the question of substantial efforts in these collections. However, The Row Resort 2020 is a demonstration of temperate tenderness that leaves melancholic tunes inside prudent minimalists, where the missing elements are then created within oneself.