Triangolo Chair

Chairs are integral to any workspace or dining room. It is an essential piece which can enrich your interior space. The functionality, in this case, is crucial, but when it comes to minimal design, we appreciate that there can sometimes be a compromise to function in favour of form, whilst still maintaining a good balance.

The Triangolo Chair was created by a Danish furniture design company Frama. Comprised entirely of solid steel, the chair measures H 692 / W 480 / D 400 mm.

Originally, the chair was designed by architect Per Holland Bastrup in 1989. And today, it aligns perfectly with Frama’s style and concept, contributing to their Signature Collection. The chair can be produced in stained black or stainless steel to adjust to one’s interior space.

The Triangolo chair is easily recognisable because of its geometric form, beautifully blending curved and straight lines. It can become a priceless piece for your interior space. It is not just a design piece, it is a beautiful sculptural statement to the minimalist furniture design industry and an excellent choice if you want to introduce a little distinction to a room.