Tripot Teapot

Designed by Industrial designer Matthew Pauk, the Tripot has ultimately improved a few experiences that one might have with regular teapots. One, it has 2 rounded legs closer to the spout and 1 leg at the back towards the handle, enabling it to be supported while you grip its ergonomically-designed handle and pour without having to lift the heavy pot. Two, the space between the 3 legs allows for a small tea-warming candle to sit right under it so you can have warm tea without having to plug the Tripot in anywhere. Three, the spout has been developed to pour the maximum amount of liquid in a controlled efficiency so that could mean either that you will be enjoying your beverage sooner or that there will have no backsplash while you pour. Or both.

The curves and shape of the Tripot are especially pleasing and the images of its production process are beautifully presented. What I find most appealing about this product is that its overall minimalistic appearance was not only designed with all these improvements in mind, but also that the designer approaches it with a sense of humor, describing it as a animalistic design language which gives Tripot its character, attitude, and stout humorous personality. Handmade in the USA, the Tripot can be purchased on Etsy.