Villa Waalre

Sitting right in the middle of an ancient woodland of conifers is Villa Waalre, a dwelling brimming with elegance from its sculptural form—as it embraces sharp geometry as its main visual point. London-based architect Russell Jones skilfully created a modernist haven perfectly fit to the technology and design hub of the region of Waalre and its neighbouring town Eindhoven.

From the first glance it is evident its main identity is rooted on muted tones, as the white concrete covering the Villa gifts it with a slight texture. The vertical lines act as a great complement, adding the illusion of height; a complement to the playful geometry each volume adds as its alternates directions horizontally. There is no explicit shadow play since there is a careful balance of windows and privacy, as both wide and absolute openness ambients were oscillating with almost cave-like rooms that aim for dim and gentle lighting. The dialogue between architect and light design was very important which is evident in the final result, as the lighting project was handled by Louis Kalff, known for his work with Le Corbusier among others.

The dwelling boasts an impressive four floors, each one offering different effects and benefits. The social area impresses with its openness from the natural light to the amplitude in each room. The private area introduces the idea of restraint, as the windows become a little more shy and reserved. Minimalism is especially evident in the interior design, when simple lines are preferred over more complex alternatives.

The unusual sculptural quality of Villa Waalre is perfectly represented by a hidden element, a languish subterranean 25 meters pool. Offering a movable floor, alternating from a swimming pool to a gorgeous reflective cover as an illusion of wetness. The variance of intentions and lighting represents the duality present throughout all parts of the house, as its modernist identity offers both a familiar feel as well as an experimental edge to this bold yet understated residence.