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  • – +
    Vilde Moen Hudson is a graphic designer based in Norway, who achieved a BA in both her home country as well as in the UK. About her work, she says that it’s considerably affected by the respective national style influences. Balancing those two, Hudson published a book called – + which tries to convey a definition […]
    2016.09.19Jana Ahrens
  • OSLO Collection
    OSLO is an stylish and sophisticated collection of Scandinavian furniture, lighting and accessories designed by Anderssen & Voll for Muuto. The OSLO Collection combines light and modern design with an ergonomically focused comfortable lounging experience. The furniture is crafted in Norway and upholstered in Denmark with Kvadrat textiles, ensuring the highest quality. The collection comprises […]
    2016.08.19Jorge San Luis
  • Level Lamp
    Permafrost’s Level Lamp sees a beautifully seamless linear light floating effortlessly above its surface. Imagined as a collaborative piece between the industrial designers at Permafrost and furniture designer, Petter Knudsen, this piece was born. Aiming to rethink light both in in terms of functionality and technology, Level Lamp was a project initiated in 2010 as […]
  • Brass Mirror Series
    Designer Falke Svatun has traveled the world. Growing up in Norway, he graduated from college with a BA in Industrial Design from the University of Technology in Sydney. Returning to Scandinavia he chose Copenhagen as his home base, consecutively working for design studio Søren Rose and Norm Architects. Both Australia and Denmark are countries very much […]
    2016.05.09Jana Ahrens
  • Equal
    Beller’s Equal seating ensemble personifies minimalism, emphasizing a sense of delicate sensibility. The collection is a set of chairs and stools all made from retracting wood in a tight grip of a single, seamless piece of cast metal. The philosophy of the strength between the relationships between objects, and people, is the basis for material […]
  • Brasília by Øystein Aspelund
    Brasília is known far and wide for its unique urban planning by Lúcio Costa and, unsurprisingly, modernist architecture that comes along with it by Oscar Niemeyer. Taking into account the particularities of Niemeyer’s buildings, such as explicit concrete structures, geometric sharp angles, surprising curves and the sheer large scale and amplitude of each creation. The […]
    2015.04.07Mateus Andrade
  • Platone
    Filippo Protasoni’s Platone wall light perfectly combines illumination void of distraction. The piece is comprised of a thermoplastic moulded shell which is painted and then attached with aluminium metal wall supports. The slow arcing bend of the mould seems to create a sweeping affect, while indirectly lighting the vertical surface. Protasoni, having studied in both […]
  • Compendium
    Norway based designer and artist, Daniel Rybakken, has an outstanding portfolio of work that spreads installation, lighting and illumination creations. His latest — Compendium — a lamp family designed for Italian lighting company, Luceplan. Rybakken asked the question: How would you best illuminate a room with only one light source? To begin with, you would […]
  • Chunk
    Chunk by Andreas Engesvik for Menu, is a simple and beautiful vessel for illumination. Designed specifically for Menu, this piece is available in both a marble and raw concrete finish. Both incredible. They are finished with either metal or copper insets to house the candle, and can be purchased in three differing sizes. Designed so […]
  • Gridy Me mirror
    To inspire their audience with new ideas and materials, Menu collaborated with some of the worlds most talented designers. The Gridy Me mirror was designed by the Oslo based design studio Gridy by Lars Olav Dybdal and Wilhelm Grieg Teisner. Two parts. Easily assembled. One can position the mirror in portrait or landscape mode and then choose between a […]
  • Ascent
    Thin lines and effortless functionality are but two mere elements of Daniel Rybakken’s Ascent table lamp designed for Luceplan. Presented at Euroluce, in Milan 2013, this piece is made from a combination of aluminium and technopolymer and is available in two alternate versions, with or without a standing base. In the base-less option, there exists […]
  • Button Side Table
    The Button side table is a creation of Norway born Switzerland based designer Fredrik Wærnes. He developed this elegant and minimal piece with the purpose to provide versatility in the living space. The tabletop can be removed and used as a serving tray. The grooves in the middle of the wooden base keep the tray tightly and securely […]
  • National Tourist Route
    Norwegian Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter recently finished a National Tourist Route Rv 889 in Havoysund, Norway. The objective was to magnify visitors’ experience of walking from the roadside down to the seaside. The winding concrete ramp does not only allow universal accessibility but becomes an integral part of the journey. It slows down visitors in a measured, restrained approach […]
    2012.07.11Anna Korkobcova
  • Colour And Light
    This beautifully subtle lighting object, called Colour, is a collaborative effort of two of Norway’s most acclaimed design stars Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik, produced by French furniture firm Ligne Roset. The piece is comprised of a series of diffusers, placed in front of a light source. Free standing and fully adjustable, these screens create […]
  • Daylight entrance
    Sunlight has an important role in sustaining life on earth and has shown a positive affect on the mood. Born in Oslo – Norway and currently based Gothenburg – Sweden designer Daniel Rybakken made an installation – Daylight entrance – to “replicate the positive sensation of sunlight” in both the entrance and staircase of an […]
  • N° 019
    This is not a stool. This is N° 019: a chair disguised as a stool. The chair is completely flat, until someone sits in it. N° 019 is designed by Andreas Aas, a designer and architect who lives and works between Paris, France and Fredrikstad, Norway. Here’s what he says about the concept: When not […]
  • Alta Bike
    The Alta Bike, a hybrid between a classic courier and a mountain bike, was designed as a collaboration project between the Norwegian designers Bleed, Norway Says and Frost Produkt in 2004. Initially the Alta Bike was supposed to be a project with a limited production of 50 bikes but Alta soon got so popular that […]