Inside Minimalissimo

Minimalissimo is an independent print and digital magazine founded in 2009 and is dedicated to minimalism. Formerly led by Carl Barenbrug and now led by Manu Moreale, we showcase a curated selection of the finest examples of art, architecture, interiors, furniture, lighting, and product design. We don't have a profound purpose, but we love what we do and we hope you enjoy our gallery and editorials. It might inspire you to create something yourself, to share a design with your own network, or to help you find the item you want.

Minimalissimo is also a creative studio focused on web and product design. We apply a distinctively minimal visual language to communicate value and honesty. We can design products in-house and collaboratively. So if you want to help us make some really beautiful things, then get in touch and let’s make it happen.

If you want to support what we do, please consider making a donation or picking up something from our shop.


We curate to reflect who we are and want to be. We are guided by the principles of minimalism and simplicity. We often admire brutalism and utilitarianism. Our vision is uncompromising and future-focused but with a respect for the past. We find beauty in the soft and the raw. This is our taste. This is our creative platform. A platform that showcases our interpretation and appreciation of minimalism in art and design.


  1. aesthetic: design for love, not only understanding

  2. collaborative: create beyond your own ability

  3. experimental: think three-dimensionally

  4. geometric: use pure forms to emphasise precision

  5. honest: build with integrity

  6. modular: reuse building blocks for flexibility

  7. sustainable: design for people and the planet (and write clean code)

  8. translucent: build in public, by appointment only

  9. understated: be practical rather than pretty

  10. unified: design for continual and consistent expression