The Mermaid's


The relationship between people and their belongings runs deep; we use our belongings to tell the world a bit about ourselves, who we are or who we want to be. In the case of The Mermaid’s, an entire design evolved around one collector, and a specific object that caught the architect’s eye.

Designed by Marty Chou Architecture, The Mermaid’s was inspired by the owner, who desired a sacred home that reflected their personality. The mermaid was one of the owner’s collections, and inspired the essence of the design.

The apartment is a dreamy, serene space with a muted colour palette and classic materials. Shades of warm grey and white envelop the walls, floors, and ceilings. Plush furnishings continue the colour scheme, while accents of bright crushed velvet interject in pillows and window dressings. The furnishings are unique in shape and structure, and lend a sense of playfulness to the home. Perhaps the most stunning moment of The Mermaid’s design is in the kitchen, where a knockout amount of Carrara marble extends from floor to ceiling, covering the entire space with its white backdrop and flowing grey veins. The effect is gorgeous.

The Mermaid’s does not fit into any set style of design, and it is all the better for it. Period features of the traditional apartment, such as the millwork and crown moulding, were left intact. Porcelain tiling on the floors lends a modern air. And of course, the soft colours and white marble are absolutely timeless. The Mermaid’s is an elegant, memorable space, and perhaps more importantly—a lovely home.

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