Villa RA

Calabria, Italy
Givlio Aristide

There are not many buildings in Italy that fail to captivate us. The combination of the idyllic Italian landscape, buildings silhouetted against a deep blue sky, and the centuries of rich architectural history turn nearly any Italian building into an eye-catcher. The effect is compounded when the dwelling is in a region as magical as Calabria. Calabria is in far southwest Italy and is home to some of the most scenic beaches and mountains in the country. Villa RA combines the magic of the Calabrian landscape with flawless contemporary architecture.

With a facade that matches the colour of the earth beneath it, Villa RA draws its inspiration directly from the landscape. Morq Architecture, based in Italy and Australia, designed the residence to engage with the surroundings. The relationship between structure and landscape is the first thing one notices about Villa RA. Not only is the exterior the same shade of warm brown as the rocky soil, but the entire form is arranged to frame the scenery. The long and low horizontal building sits against the sky like a second horizon. Openings along the structure draw the eye directly from the front of the home to the ocean beyond. Dramatic shadows are cast upon the ground, highlighting the rocky setting.

Villa RA comprises three rectangular volumes, each placed parallel to one another and leading to the sea. The first volume is a dramatic entryway that feels almost monumental. Two lonesome palm trees sit within the walls like sculptures in a garden. The second volume holds all the gathering spaces for the home, such as the living and dining areas. The final volume has the master bedroom and a large veranda overlooking the sea.

The interior continues the connection to the natural environment, most notably with the colour palette, which does not deviate from the exterior. Raw materials, from the stone countertops to the rattan chairs, cover the interior. The landscape is again brought inside through the large windows. The windows flood the home with natural light while framing the famous Calabria landscape. The massive terrace provides a stunning setting for enjoying the sun and sea. There are few places as scenic as Calabria. Villa RA seems to bottle everything that makes this region great into one perfect home, continuing excellence in Italian architecture.

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