5052 Seating System

Andrew Ferrier
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Made by Montreal-based industrial designer Andrew Ferrier, 5052 is a minimal seating system made up of a single set of components that can create multiple configurations. By rearranging the parts of the stool during assembly, the shape is inverted allowing you to nest the stools into a variety of patterns to suit a given space. Whether linked together with the rubberised magnets or placed around a room individually, the subtle difference in form provides a personalised feel and variation in the design. Made locally in Montreal, Canada, the stool is made using 5052 aluminium and measures 47 x 25 x 37 cm, with a brushed and waxed finish.

Born and raised in Canada, Andrew Ferrier spent his early days surrounded by craftsmanship. Shadowing his father, a cabinetry man, he assembled furniture and learned from a young age to appreciate materials and products made to last. Today, Andrew is an award-winning industrial designer dedicated to creating human-centred products with thoughtful materials. After years of studying techniques in Europe and the Americas, he settled in Montreal where he designs furniture, homewares, and consumer electronics under his pen name A-OKAY.

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