The D-Premier

industrial design

What at first glance looks like the sleekest of weighing scales, the D-Premier is actually a piece of high-end, hifi kit.

This wall-mountable unit, produced by French audiophiles Devialet, comprises of both stereo pre- and power amplifiers and a DAC.

It packs 480 watts of power and connects to a number of multimedia devices via HDMI, Toshlink, XLR and RS-232 ports among others. It is also wifi compatible. There’s obviously a lot of tech packed in under the under the hood.

The remarkable thing about this unit, however, is how it looks. Plenty of hifi equipment aimed at the top-end of the market, particularly amplifiers, look like they want you to know they exist; so much so that you can’t fail to notice. They can be monstrous behemoths, sometimes to fit all the required components in, but mainly to fuel their ego. They have that look about them. The look that says: ‘Turn me up to 3 and I will rip your face off.’

As for the D-Premier, it doesn’t convey that image at all. It’s aluminium housing is less than 45mm thick and it is only 32cm high. It’s understated, desirable and cool. Anybody got a spare £10,000 available?

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