Dialogue House


Designed by Wendell Burnette Architects, The Dialogue House sits well-shaded at the base of Echo Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona with captivating views of the South Mountain and Sierra Estrella Mountain ranges as well as downtown Phoenix . As described by the architects:

Two volumes of light – one warm and one cool – one projected to the expansive horizon and one toward the canopy of the desert sky. Inspired by John Van Dyke’s ruminations on the phenomena of desert light specifically “colored air” and “reflected light” in his 1907 book titled The Desert – Further Studies in Natural Appearances.

These images by Bill Timmerman capture the most beautiful moments of this house. I love the contrast of the dramatic volumes of the exterior to the subtle, more intricate details of the interiors and finishes. The desert views and light compliment the architecture and complete the experience of a minimalist habitat in such an environment.

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