Knife & Spork

industrial design

Originally intended for exhibition in Milan in 2010, Minimalux has produced the ideal minimal culinary accompaniment. Commissioned by Wallpaper for their Handmade exhibition, these pieces are characteristic of the London-based Minimalux label with their dedication to the minimalism discipline.

The crisp and uninterrupted lines of the Knife & Spork are a celebration of stainless steel. Mirror-polished and completely flat and linear in profile they display an obvious harmony and formal symmetry. Ignoring ergonomics, these pieces seem to play with the conventions of industrial design and challenge the user to engage in a changed eating experience. Too often is this challenge posed. Less emphasis therefore on the food than on the way in which the food itself is to be consumed. I like this.

Measuring 150 x 15 x 30mm in size, the Knife & Spork are a true gem. Minimalux is an online portal for their designs and collaborations with various designers. I urge those excited by these forms to check out the rest of their collection online.

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