Andrzej Chomski


To customise a nimble minimalist apartment and retain a strong aesthetic is quite the achievement, especially when you consider the sacrifices the homeowner must undergo to fit all aspects of a complete daily life into a small space. To tackle such a feat, in comes Poland-based architect Andrzej Chomski, with a strong ability to simplify and reduce a complex space to bare elements.

Taking advantage of manoeuvres often found in large spaces such as blatant empty spaces, the project measuring 51.20sqm is a rare creature; as it sits above the usual scale for small projects and doesn’t quite have enough meterage to graduate to a classic 2 bedroom. Instead, it provides a unique dynamic to the user, as it simplifies each space as straightforward as possible. The kitchen is absolutely compact, with stylish touches — whilst the bathroom offers an unusual amplitude. Finally, the bedroom is the undeniable main attraction with a daring black bed linen as visual protagonist.

The storage system throughout is the key point to balance the reduction process on these projects. The 7.7sqm room is yet another example of the architect's masterful minimalist grip, as it simplifies to linear geometry and colour duality of black and white.

Both efforts are handsome examples of flawless interior design and mature manipulation of modernism’s influence. The white cube welcomes any homeowner with open arms, by means of a stylish demeanour and comfort to those who are ready to embrace a minimalist lifestyle.

Images courtesy of Andrzej Chomski.

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