Casa 2M


Standing proud against the bright Portuguese sky is Casa 2M, a impeccable home designed by multidisciplinary firm Salworks. At first sight, the structure's white façade is quite arresting, especially as it contrasts with its arid landscape. Upon closer inspection, Casa 2M is a thoughtful family dwelling located in a busy neighbourhood.

Privacy is the defining concept of this design: a mostly opaque façade is used to shield the home from the busy street while directing the user's attention towards interior family life. The smooth white façade is punctuated in a few select places by dark steel-framed windows. The window placement was important in order to maximise natural light without attracting prying eyes from the street. A concrete terrace, hidden behind a stuccoed white wall, provides a private outdoor gathering space.

On the interior, bits of wood bring warmth to the airy white rooms. The kitchen, one of my favourite spaces of the home, features a recessed row of white cabinets accented by a deep black wall. Similarly, in the living room, a recess in the wall holds storage nooks and a freestanding fireplace.

With a design this minimal, every detail must be executed flawlessly. In Casa 2M, the black trim, concrete floors, and even the mailboxes come together in elegant harmony.

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