Gentle Hint Chair


Nissa Kinzhalina's latest conception, the Gentle Hint Chair, is the epitome of restrained minimalism. The collection is a duo of seating elements that also double as potential table elements. The pieces see the calculated fusion of lines with the physical limits of the material itself. The balancing act between these two is quite beautiful. Made from powder-coated metal, this concept is currently in the motions to be manifested and put to market.

There is a stillness and quiet beauty to the way that these forms interact; to the way that the lines converge and support one another. Essentially the Gentle Hint Chair is just that, a gentle nod to the traditional chair and its expected form. Based out of Kazakhstan, Kinzhalina's continued contributions to the realm of minimalism are humbling and seeing this chair realised is just another step in a very curated and handsome direction.

Photography courtesy of Nissa Kinzhalina.

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