La Belle Époque

industrial design

To reminisce about the past is an interesting exercise for designers, as it reminds us of forgotten aesthetics or may even be the last drop of inspiration necessary to create something new. Celebrating the last years of the Nineteenth Century, when prosperity rained upon the economy and machines were the new promises, duo Audrée Larose and Félix Guyon chose copper as their main material for their La Belle Époque collection.

Québec-based brand Larose Guyon chose to explore the versatility and dashing elegance of copper, as it purposely will change through time. The texture as the main visual draw alongside geometric edges is applied to each piece; from the classic candle holders to the sleek dish. For each product, the designers took simple forms to act as handles, foundation and to guarantee stability to the eclectic collection.

The gorgeous brand editorial is worth noting, as black slowly enters the mainstream as an acceptable element for daily life; it is refreshing to witness a pictorial representation of minimalism through the use of reduction to a monochrome as a feature in itself, each accessory has the time to boldly shine.

Introducing an unexpected minimalist sensibility that may fit on simple but also complex interior design compositions, indeed an uncommon mix of antique and contemporary is worth rejoicing.

C’est vraiment une belle époque pour le design québécois.

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