Project M


Project M is a pavilion with an undefined function. Completed in 2014 by Toulouse based architecture studio PPA, the structure was designed to hold a variety of programs. The space can exist as a living area, yet can also host receptions, meetings, studios, or exhibitions.

The pavilion is composed of three intersecting boxes with a central courtyard. Due to the dynamic purpose of the space the rooms are not identified as having a specific program. Any room can be a bedroom, office, or gallery. The service of the spaces are entirely dictated by the occupant. An enormous sliding door exposes the interior to a paved terrace, thus creating a further gathering space outside.

While some may see the industrial aesthetic of Project M as contrasting with the natural environment, I see the two as merged collaborators. The green surroundings add a softness to the metal and glass structure while the new-fashioned design lends a distinctly modern vibe to its backdrop. Project M transmits an ambiguous yet striking architecture that seeks to redefine the old adage "form follows function."

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