REK coffee table


The REK coffee table by Reinier de Jong can be extended in different directions to adjust to one’s wishes. Slide out the two inner parts to create an extra table surface for your guests or to easily create storage shelves — perfect for books and magazines — underneath.  Built-in stops ensure you will not extend the sliding parts too far.

In previous editions of the rectangular coffee table the edges were finished with solid oak or beech wood. Now the table also comes in all white. The coffee table is finished with high pressure laminate. The laminate is very durable and better resistant to scratches than paint work. De Jong explains:

White high pressured laminate always gives thin black lines at the edges where two sheets join. I have taken these lines as a deliberate part of the design.

The black lines change along with how the table is extended and have become a graphic composition of their own. It does remind me somehow of Piet Mondriaans Composition no. IV.

I love the versatility of the coffee table and think it will beautifully fit in many modern interiors.

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