Shopping Bags

art & illustration

Many designers have used capitalism as a subject for criticism against minimalism. However, conceptual artist Simon Freund has cleverly used minimalism itself to make a turnaround.

He told HUH magazine: I think every company should consider what they are doing and why they are doing it.

With an installation titled Shopping Bags, the German conceptual artist is calling out the toxic culture of Black Friday and Cyber Monday by creating six chairs out of simple black metal frames and shopping bags. Perhaps the bigger question is: Why chairs? While there is no definite explanation from Simon, I see the act of sitting on a recognisable identity can potentially devalue a brand, so there is an interesting conversation between reducing worths and lowering prices.

As beautifully minimalistic as these chairs are, they are not for sale. That fact completely validates this artwork and its viewpoint on contemporary consumerism.

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