Love Aesthetics Notebook

graphic design

Love Aesthetics is a blog founded in 2008 by Ivania Carpio to create a digital space for her vision of thoughts translated both visually and textually. Her love for aesthetics has transcended clothing and takes form in product design as well.

As part of the new Love Aesthetics Atelier, this beautifully minimal and entirely white uncovered notebook is created to set Ivania's increasingly busy agenda. It helps her to set priorities in a usual working day. Ivania explains why she prefers to start her day with an open notebook rather than anything else: instead of opening my inbox first thing in the morning I now go straight into my notebook. Right before I go to sleep I write down what I want to get done and accomplish the next day. One condition is that I can only write down things that will contribute to my own projects, ideas or life goals.

I like the concept behind this notebook. Empty white pages instead of an agenda with pre-written dates and times.

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