Training & Employment Centre


The Training and Employment Centre is an elegant public space that adds beauty and function to the town of Baza, Spain. Designed by Daroca Architects, this structure was intended as a public gathering space both inside the building and on it's exterior plazas.

The Centre contains a meeting room, activity spaces, and administrative offices. On the interior, a stretch of windows and skylights provide a pleasant learning and working atmosphere. A grand staircase, constructed in stone that pays tribute to traditional building materials, connects the town's plaza with the old citadel above it. Therefore this structure does not only function as an eduction centre, but as a public space that merges two periods in the town's history.

The Centre often turns sharply, creating a unique geometry that embraces the plaza around it and the historic site above. The base of the façade is clad in stone, which contracts nicely with the crisp white of the upper stories. A long terrace in the back provides a gorgeous panorama of the Spanish city. The lovely Training and Employment Centre is a pleasant addition to Baza and will surely benefit the town for years to come.

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