Product Minimalism

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Product Minimalism celebrates the art movement, Minimalism, since its emergence in the United States in the 1960s. Product designers are particularly affected in terms of aesthetics and function. This book starts with an introduction to Minimalism, from its European roots to the force of Japanese minimalist aesthetics. By showcasing the contemporary product designs, you are able to observe the current developments of Minimalism in this field, the characteristics, and nuances of Minimalism from different cultural backgrounds.

A beautiful piece of print, Product Minimalism is published by SendPoints, a Chinese publishing house focused on art and design, establishing itself as one of the best design book publishers and distributors in China. Its publications cover the fields of graphic design, interior design, architecture, product design, fashion, culture and art, real estate, landscape design, and more.

SendPoints enjoys a matured partnership with publishers worldwide, including Eslite Bookstore in Taipei, PAGEONE in Singapore, PIE in Japan, TASCHEN in Germany, Thames & Hudson and Phaidon in Britain.

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