A lesson with A G Fronzoni

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This book is an act of gratitude from a student, Ester Manitto, to her teacher, the Italian designer A G Fronzoni. Born in Pistoia in 1923, devoted to communicating through content, Fronzoni has been highly active in editing magazines such as Punta and Casabella, focused on interior design, graphics, exhibitions, and instruction. He worked as a teacher first at the Società Umanitaria, then at the Istituto d’ Arte of Monza and the Istituto delle Industrie Artistiche in Urbino, and finally at his own school in Milan.

Published by Lineee, this exceptionally well-designed book, re-works the materials, notes and written work of Ester Manitto' student career, offering us a fascinating insight into the world of A G Fronzoni's workshop school, founded in Milan in 1982 and active until 2001. The workshop school trained a lot of young people from all over the world, directing them towards the practice of continual research into the essence of form in life, nature, art, architecture, design, and a respect for learning by doing. This is a book to better understand the work of one of the fathers of Italian minimalism.

Fronzoni was, at the same time, a teacher, an educator, a design architect, a genius. It was a great privilege to have been a student of his. The book becomes such a valuable document and it should be used in educational institutions on a global scale: ‘I am quite serious’, the renowned architect Claudio Silvestrin explains.

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