Atheist's Day Off

art & illustration

Manhattan-based artist, Tim Furzer’s Atheist’s Day Off is a collection of photographic pieces taken from the summit of Sugar Loaf Mountain, Rio De Janeiro. This collection further cements his presence on an international platform as an emerging talent.

Although his body of work is primarily comprised of watercolour in media, this collection taps into the fragility of the human state; of suspension and a certain unearthed-ness. Tim Furzer’s work focuses on the interconnection of natural phenomena, the persistence of chronic conditions and the inherent difficulty in recording moments of epiphany.

The Atheist’s Day Off collection has both a luminescent and ethereal quality, where the feeling of being in-amongst and above the blanket of clouds is notable and voiced. The cable lines that disappear into the distance help with this withdrawal from gravity. Central to the work is the ideal of simplification – any subject or entity expressed by the complex interaction of energy and information.

Initially exhibited in 2011, I find the composition expresses a beauty and lightness.

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