Between Two White Walls


Located in the beautiful and luxurious complex of Vilamoura, in the heart of the Algarve region, stands an exemplary dual residence. The peculiar Between Two White Walls project wears its heart at its sleeve with its unequivocal description as title. Corpo Atelier is the responsible party for the undeniably minimalist dwelling, an amalgamation of Portuguese contemporary aesthetics with long-established practices.

Vilamoura is renowned as a holiday destination. With that in mind, the residence in question stands proud in full harmony with its surroundings, more specifically a golf course. The garden surrounding the house acts as a frame with its ground level vegetation; consequently both white volumes gain considerable visual prominence. Geometric forms reign supreme with a modernist mood throughout, especially when each volume features absolutely no ornamentation. It is interesting to notice the prerogative to deny symmetry, as each side owns up to unique dimensions. The swimming pool is purposely the only element deemed worthy of the central stage, as the project remains cohesive throughout.

Portuguese architecture is heading in an interesting direction, as they gradually master the minimalist aesthetic. As a result it is possible to witness the exploration of intricacies for each new project throughout the country.

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