Black Wool


Approaching Autumn/Winter 16, Warsaw based THISISNON again challenges my task of writing about them without using the phrase fashion brand. Because, as the designers themselves do not tire to emphasise:

[We aim]… to design clothing that is independent of fashion and trends. We carefully select only essential elements to build beautifully minimal shapes. Our aim is to make a difference by encouraging timeless, long lasting design that challenges fashion.

Thus, they stick to their concept of focusing on a single kind of yarn for each collection. And for the cold season, what could be better than going back to wool in all its amazing facets? THISISNON’s Black Wool collection is a study of the complex structure, finish and density of wool that shows the unbelievable versatility of the animal fibre, leading to a beautiful fabric choice of thick, pure merino, smooth gabardine and delicate alpaca. Fabrics which are comfortable to wear, incredibly durable and an ideal foundation for minimalist designs that mainly focus on a perfect silhouette and the natural, diverse touch and surface of all things wool. If you want to convince yourself that this concept totally works, don’t miss out on the gorgeous THISISNON Instagram gallery.

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