C Marke


Belgian-based Minus Architects have produced yet another minimalist delight in the form of C Marke. A family studio that predominantly focuses on the residential architectural realm, their work is based around the ethos of simplicity being a sign of perfection. C Marke is a testament to this.

Through a combination of flush clean lines, muted greys and whites, the concealed appliances screen streamlined utility. In the words of the architects, the superlative standard of finish reflects the craftsmanship of seven generations. The pride taken in the execution is obvious. Overtly European in style and delivery, this project comprised polished concrete floors, and a series of intelligent uses of spatial planning. Through a series of doors that become walls that reveal rooms, concealed in the wall cavities, the spaces have the potential to change engagement and functionality.

I couldn’t agree more with the designer’s interpretation of minimalism; that the pure lines create space, calmness and serenity. C Marke is a clear interpretation of simplicity and minimalist principles manifesting beautiful spaces to live.

Photography courtesy of Arne Jennard.

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