Candle Snuffers

industrial design

Contemporary interpretations of classically iconic objects are always tricky due to the varied perspectives of modern designers. However, through one of the latest releases of OTHR—a leading 3D printed design brand, one can see that designs always require contexts to formalise themselves.

Through a collaboration of Studio Yonoh and Pablo Alabau in Spain, along with duo Vera & Kyte in Norway, the studios created a trio of candle snuffers with a minimalist appearance for OTHR. Taking on the known and functional conic shape, the designers shift the focus onto details like the angle degrees, specific heights, and handling mechanics to produce Ocaso, Halcyon, and Apex respectively. The most distinguishable feature among this trio are the handles, with a variant of elevations from a thin bar, a half-moon shape, and a triangle. Although separately constructed, the series is cohesive with solid colour and clean geometry. It’s a clever aesthetic choice to keep the snuffers black in order to cope with the smoke taint over time. Clearly, the designers took the big picture into consideration, with an informative background on these homewares.

Personally, my favourite detail of these snuffers is the corrugated surface of the cone’s inside. Perhaps there is no additional function to this decision, but it adds another layer of depth to the existing contexts to then modernise the design in a respected way.

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