Chiyodanomori Dental Clinic


Chiyodanomori Dental Clinic by Hironaka Ogawa & Associates was originally completed in 2011, in Japan. The one sloping roof encloses and conceals both the dental clinic and a two-storey residential component. This concealment and enrapture of the one form on the site creates both a notable presence and destination for the un-attuned.

The absolute dedication to proportion is evident throughout the number of spaces, and works across the variety of functions. The Chiyodanomori Dental Clinic itself encompasses a mere 55sqm, but the use of white throughout helps to reinforce the function and sterility of the space, as well as a perception of space also. Throughout the build, there exist a series of square doorways, that match proportionately, the ten square courtyards that are scattered throughout. Much akin, you could say, to the way in which the traditional tatami mat is used in Japanese spatial planning.

Hironaka Ogawa & Associates, established in 2005 is on the rise. Although a relatively small practice, much like its work, it has an in-durability that should see this firm’s name get quite the attention it deserves.

Images courtesy of Daici Ano.

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