Closca Fuga Helmet

industrial design

The summer is almost upon us and the cycling season is starting to be more and more popular. For all those who adore cycling, we present the foldable bike helmet which was designed by the brand Closca. This is an object that shows how design and functionality work beautifully in tandem. Closca Fuga comprises three mobile concentric rings hinged together with two stable positions. But that's not all, as the team explains that the patented system reduces volume by more than 50% once folded and becomes flat like a book. The award winning (Red Dot Design Award 2015) Closca Fuga is the only foldable helmet that fits in any purse or backpack and makes it incredibly easy to carry with you anywhere you go.

I adore the customisable minimalist aesthetic that the brand offers and the functionality that is extremely necessary when it comes to urban cycling. Closca wanted to create a stylish, light and comfortable—but above all safe—helmet and this is the perfect combination when it comes to design. The helmet stays locked and immutable while your head is inside, but folds smoothly in a second when you’re not using it. Unfolded, it acts as any regular helmet does, exceeding the global safety standards. It also features an innovative ventilation system with hidden air vents for aesthetic improvement and cyclist sunstroke head protection. This kind of helmet design with the touch of minimalism reminds us how important it is to design objects that offer a connection between conscious design, functionality and the appearance.

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