Contour Side Tables


Brooklyn-based Bower is the parent of these beautifully muted Contour Side Tables. The collection sees a fusion of pastel type colours in the form of the tinted-glass table-tops contrasted against the crisp with white lacquer-painted table base. The pair is intended as a nesting set of support pieces for a space, where the arrangement and configuration can be varied based on the geometric result intended.

Bower is a headed by founders Danny Giannella and Tammer Hijazi in NYC and proudly state their success is through a free experimental design process where they bring unique and unexpected objects into people’s lives. Inspired by the Bower bird and its natural instinct to engage in its habitat and create shapes and spaces to attract a mate, their vision has been alive since 2013. The Contour Side Tables are but a snippet of their curiosity of their environment and a playful and curated one at that too.

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