Eny Lee Parker


Round shapes, earth tones, sandblasted ceramics: when looking at Eny Lee Parker’s collection you immediately get the feeling of a hot summer day in the great outdoors. Until recently, the young designer was based in Savannah, Georgia, where she mastered in furniture design, and it doesn't come as a surprise that Parker states the beach as her favourite colour palette in a 2017 interview: The sand dunes, pampas grass, different skin tones, the ocean water and how it reflects light. It’s all pretty magical. Her work not only breathes the spirit of the southern climate and nature, but also reflects on Parker’s background in fine arts and interior design, as well as on her childhood in Brazil and her Korean origins.

Jewellery, objects, lighting, furniture, interiors—her collection reveals the designer’s love to experiment with different forms, materials, and disciplines—and her refusal to stand still or be classified:

The world is telling you to define your voice, your look, your branding, and that’s what people kind of gravitate towards. But I kind of like everything, I want to do it all. So I think that my practice is constantly evolving. And like I said, I have been in this business for very little time. The process is still going.
Not so long ago, Parker discovered clay as her main medium, exploring the use of this tactile material outside its regular employment. Tables, lamps, or the sculptural ceramic earrings that make up The Artist Line all share the same harmonious colour range, sanded surfaces, and individual, handcrafted appearance. Her designs echo humanity in character, emotions, and even physicality. They are warm and accessible yet surprising, considering the customer’s desire for intimate, tangible objects with a special twist.

Eny Lee Parker officially launched her business in 2017, and used the customer-friendly Squarespace software to translate her simple aesthetics into a beautifully designed visual showcase. A choice that responds to her need for an easy and intuitive platform, leaving the all-rounder enough time to concentrate on all aspects of her growing business—such as her recent relocation to Brooklyn, New York, where she now resides. We'll be keeping a close eye on what Parker will discover and explore next and how the city will affect the work of this exceptional designer.

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