While big names in the sneaker industry are pushing designs that signify their respective brands, either by using a well known logo mark, reinterpreting a previous design, or even complicating the shoe’s outlook, Amsterdam-based sneaker brand ETQ keeps it simple; and it’s effective.

Nowadays in the age of easily accessible fashion, it’s difficult for lesser-known brands to stand out. Styles are lost to items that are deemed It, which is splashed with a brand’s image. What ETQ is doing by keeping their designs minimalistic is a clever way to weave themselves in this competitive footwear business. With two new designs for Fall Winter 2016, called Low 4 and Low 5, the shoes come in 5 different colours: white, blueberry, oxblood, ice grey, and warm grey. Intricate stitching lines run across the leather body with almost no patches for a clean and complete appearance. The thick rubber mid sole stole my eyes with its geometric line running across, complemented by the beautiful profile of the outer sole for a very fashionable look.

The simplicity of these two new designs opens up infinite possibilities for style mixings, acting as a timeless addition rather than a stand-out seasonal piece and that’s how ETQ is going against the grain. By being subtle, it gives way for a certain freedom of style — one that’s individual and not compromised by any branding image.

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