Fallon Falloff Bowls

industrial design

Hayden MartisFallon Falloff Bowl collections are a beautiful addition to any considered space. Conceived from the single sweeping motion of falling; the expectation of the round shape in a bowl-type object, these pieces are a place on that curve. The Fallon differs from the Falloff, as the name suggests. The inner shaping of the bowl interior is designed to subtly differentiate the two offerings, all comprised of Italian stone, perfectly crafted in one seamless sculpture. Each piece is a limited edition, as the individuality of the sculpture reflects.

Martis is originally from New Zealand, but the industrial designer now calls London home. His work is characterised by the pursuit of balance through the exploration of limits in materiality, physicality and possibility. The Fallon and Falloff pieces are available in four varying stone finishes; Calacatta Oro, Carrara, Nero Marquina, Nuvolato Apuano, and are available in two sizes, 320mm and 460mm. Martis draws from his travels and international network of artisans to continue to conceive and produce these offerings. And we’re all the more thankful for it; a perfect balance of expression of materiality and simplistic minimal form.

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