Fjord Boat House

Norm Architects
Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

By the Danish sea where the water surface undulates and the sun casts a shadow over ruffling leaves, the sound of nature embraces Fjord Boat House in a harmonic symphony. The Scandinavian sky stretches across the horizon of hazy hills and drifting clouds. The melodic chords of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons: Spring 1, recomposed by Max Richter, are played in the distant background. Looking out to the ocean full of sailing boats and resting its body under a verdant woodland, the cubic structure immerses itself in the palette of the environment.

Mimicking the surrounding grove, Fjord Boat House wears a facade of dark timber. Handmade ceramic bricks extend from the courtyard to the interior, creates a material arrangement to connect the outside and inside. Full-height openings give themselves to the mesmerising landscape, reflecting the sea as if a moving painting is brought inside. Right below, a grassy lawn with climbing vines catches fallen leaves of the broad canopy and tracks the footprints of the inhabitants.

Designed by Norm Architects, the project is a tranquil retreat of Scandi-Japanese aesthetic. The spatial interior takes on a minimalism quality, with hidden storage and geometric surfaces devoid of accessories. To contrast crisp lines, wooden furniture with rounded details is introduced to the living space. Paper lamps designed by Karimoku and Kojima Shouten are humbly placed in a spontaneous manner to further add an organic touch to the timber walls and ceilings. A warm atmosphere encompasses the abode, regardless of the seasonal conditions.

The bedroom, wrapped in a linen topographical map, is tucked in a corner with a raised entrance; this composition resembles a boat’s berth for a cozy and intimate ambiance. Right above the bed is a strip of skylight that is partially covered by branches. The generous volume of natural light engulfs the space, occasionally bringing the ever-changing imprints of the sun.

With an interior that comprises soft furnishings and an exterior adorned with contextual visuals, Fjord Boat House keeps itself modest to bring the focus to its surroundings; the ocean breeze and its smell of saltwater, the swaying tree branches and their therapeutic sounds, the Nordic sun and its delicate grace.

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