FUWL Studio

Stockholm, Sweden
Förstberg Ling
Jonas Lindström

Swedish design practice Form Us With Love has unveiled their new multifunctional studio space in Stockholm, created with architects Förstberg Ling. If you're unfamiliar with FUWL's work, the studio's projects include furniture and lighting for the likes of +Halle and Muuto, and soundproof panels created through Baux—the company the team co-founded in 2013 to elevate office working conditions. The new studio space opened its doors at Stockholm Design Week 2022 located on the waterfront in the city centre and serving as a functional space for creation as well as a gathering place to both show their work and host designers and brands for collaboration.

Designed in collaboration with architecture practice Förstberg Ling and branding firm Figur, the studio has been stripped back to a blank canvas for the team's operations resulting in a raw minimalist aesthetic. Dominated by a white hues with only accents of artificial colour—hanging tools and soft furnishings—the studio space is finished with a light polished concrete to give it a workshop or work in progress sensibility.

The studio is defined by a series of hangar doors, serving as sliding walls that separate a street-facing gallery from rooms dedicated to office, workshop, and communal areas. Large windows also flood the studio with natural light to further brighten the environment throughout.

In the shop