graphic design

Gastropolis is one of these branding works that we’re sure will be remembered for a long time. The wonderful concept behind it and its fantastic design are what makes it, without doubt, a memorable piece of work.

But first, what is Gastropolis? It is a modern gourmet market offering 12 different culinary corners, located in a historic landmark building in the heart of Yerevan, Armenia. So the challenge for the design studio Formascope Design was to create a strong concept for such a diversified place. The studio explains:

The logo ‘a circle and two lines’ with the same ‘plate/cutlery’ became the origin of the brand-style language. The logo constantly transforms by dynamic principle and creates radically different culinary corners using the same shapes, that in fact become the part of the corporate style of Gastropolis.
So with these simple shapes, all graphic patterns were developed for each different kind of culinary experience, creating clever and even sometimes humorous results, centred around a black and white palette and complemented with geometric typography.

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