GMTRY Collection

art & illustration

Saint Studio continues on its path to explore the many facets of minimalism in design, always pushing for new directions and perspectives for their alluring roster of items. The Brazilian brand brings forth the GMTRY Collection; a quintessential interior design element through a collaboration with architect Francesca Trubbianelli. A deceptively simple but very effective take on the monochromatic artwork front.

The purpose behind the collection is as straightforward as possible—to achieve the simplest forms of geometrical shapes. Adopting black and white as the sole colours it is both a celebration of the modernist musings as well as a denial of the many directions of the art style—choosing to focus on sharp angles solely. Each artwork offers a glance into an exercise of symmetry and order—as each piece together feels cohesive and distinctive simultaneously. That is the take away from this short burst narrative.

The capsule-sized series of pure monochrome geometry through four playful shapes is a reminder of how satisfying it is to guarantee minimalism in any ambient, no matter if the residence is a white cube or a colourful and shameless collection of textures. The GMTRY Collection will suit either way with ease.

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