Hotel Mono


The eye-catching sovereign city-state of Singapore is known for its cosmopolitan and strong visual identity rooted in high-stakes architecture, embedded with colours and excess. Aiming for the exact opposite is Hotel Mono, an undeniably minimalist project made by Spacedge Designs. Located in Chinatown’s Mosque Street, the hotel demands attention from the get-go; with the outer Rococo-like windows and access way to an absolute geometric interior design. A striking welcoming card.

The monochromatic design is explicitly embraced in all areas of the hotel, from the straightforward reception to each guest room. The duality between black and white is smartly applied, revealing a refreshing variety of visual compositions. As each room boasts a unique design, a one-of-a-kind planning; as no room is the same. An outstanding feat to pull in a 46 rooms hotel. A black metal bar travels across each room offering a variety of functions, from a dynamic light fixture, an inconspicuous coat hanger, nimble stairs, to a candid geometric installation.

Acting as a true retreat, an antidote to the city’s urban bustle; Hotel Mono is a clear example of minimalism’s versatility. What could become a hindrance for a less talented team becomes a playground of possibilities in the hand of skilled architects.

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