IKEA Creative Hub Malmö


The IKEA Creative Hub in Malmö, Sweden, is an office suite for IKEA's creative team. The interiors were designed by Nanna Lagerman, a multidisciplinary designer based in Stockholm. Creativity and smart design abound in this interior, which is located in a renovated bank.

Lagerman and team were tasked to create an office to accommodate a wide variety of working styles. The result is a collection of rooms that each have an individual style, colour, and mood. Large and small studios and meeting rooms comprise the majority of the office, which is also equipped with a lounge, library, and kitchen. Naturally, the whole space is furnished in a wide selection of IKEA's offerings.

The interior varies from simply styled individual workspaces to a radical meeting room covered in blue cushions and plywood walls. In the other rooms, pale grey walls coordinate with the floors and long tables are placed together to form beautifully simple workstations. Textiles were used abundantly to create softness or impart a bit of colour. My favourite room in the offices is the pink conference room. Covered head to toe in a luscious pink hue, the conference room feels both creative and cozy. Another meeting room is covered in whiteboard walls, allowing the creative team a blank canvas for brainstorming and sketching.

Overall, the IKEA Creative Hub is a lovely, modern office that both showcases IKEA design and provides an inspiring space for new designs to emerge.

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