Ippon Matsu Beer

package design

Japanese designer Kota Kobayashi, currently based in New York, has brewed as well as designed the beautifully minimalist packaging for Ippon Matsu Beer, to benefit a great cause. On the northeastern shore of Japan, a forest of 70,000 pine trees lined the coast of Rikuzentakata. In 2011, these pines were destroyed during the Tōhoku tsunami effect, and now only one pine remains.

Kobayashi explains:

This beer's name means 'One Pine Tree' and its design is a symbol of charity and hope for Japan's brighter future. A scroll-like, handwritten label seals the top with its story written on the inside. The label is a solitary pine made of three triangles facing up, symbolising the wish for progress in the reconstruction efforts.

The packaging has been selected as one of the winners for Communication Arts Design Annual 2012. All profits support the reconstruction effort. Now, I just want to know how the beer tastes!

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