Kehikko Chair

Simo Lahtinen

The Kehikko chair stands as a testament to the Finnish tradition of simple yet functional design. Created by Simo Lahtinen, the chair is stripped of any unnecessary detail, aligning with the Finnish word 'Kehikko', meaning 'framework'. It is the embodiment of minimalism, yet its form does not compromise on function.

Merging traditional Finnish functionalism with a modern edge, the Kehikko chair meets practical requirements while captivating the senses with its slender, balanced profile. Its design is at home in both private and public spaces, owing to its adaptable and minimal aesthetic.

Simo Lahtinen, an industrial designer with a background in architecture and a penchant for user-centred and meaningful products, infuses his work with the serene aesthetics of Nordic design. In the Kehikko chair, his philosophy is evident: a harmonious balance between utility and visual appeal, ensuring that the design serves its purpose without unnecessary ornamentation.

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