Lava Trays

industrial design

The Citizenry's Lava Trays combine the natural and the imposed to create something truly naturally striking. The fusing of volcanic rock, an unexpectedly beautiful material, with the honed craftsmanship of Guadalajara-based design techniques, sees this vision come to life. Hand-carved by a group of five artisans from Tonala, Mexico, these trays are available in two sizes and shapes; an oval and round version, with the smaller version housing an integrated brass candle holder. The contradiction in finish in both pieces, being that half is polished and the other half unfinished creates and highlights the beauty in each finish.

With a name based on the coming together of a collective of artisans, designers and dreamers who rally together across cultures and continents to craft, The Citizenry is a collective of ideals. Based on the ethos of fair trade, and an avid supporter of it, all of their products and resulting collaborations are born out of three basic principles; Global Style, Small Batching and Doing Good. Sustainability at their core, and a resulting specialised aesthetic, the offerings of this group are ones to be very aware of. Through travel, rallying and revelling global design and artisans, The Citizenry is celebrating a model of international and purposefully minimal trade. Which is a beautiful thing really.

Photography courtesy of The Citizenry.

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