Ionna Vautrin’s Luba reimagines the outdoor bench. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this piece was born from soft and generous lines whose presence is delicate and discreet. 1400mm in length and 500mm in width, Luba is made from a preformed plastic and was originally launched in 2014. The simplicity of the lines and overall form sets it apart from other bench offerings. Almost sculptural in nature, the bench sees a larger base wrap up into a lipped side, allowing for a contoured seating offering.

Vautrin draws everyday objects whose ambition is to be simple and obvious but surprising and whose work has an intuitive and functional usage. Her work is beautifully considered and executed and Luba is no exception. Assisted by Anne Lutz and Célia Torvisco to make this piece come to reality, her work as a body is solid. Self-described as meeting between industry and poetry, the emphasis of her pieces is on their organic, unconventional but self-confident nature and how they dance with the spaces they share and provide amenity. A beautiful piece, but in execution and its subtleness.

Photography courtesy of Michel Giesbrecht.

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