Maik Lipp


Maik Lipp's photography is a beautiful collection of through the eyes of a minimalist. His works are taken from his own eye, based on the details and aperture he chooses to capture spaces, places and things. The result is a refreshing viewfinder of the built world. Self-taught and based in Main, Frankfurt in Germany, his work is mainly European based. Lipp's stunning photos lift façades, interiors and even streets out of the ordinary and make us see them in a whole new way.

Lipp runs his own photography and design studio where he focuses on his passions; architecture, minimalism, landscapes and cityscapes. His commitment to this passion is evident in his resulting work. It is effortless, curated and shows a keenness for simplifying the world around us. This is a refreshing view. Cities, architecture, landscapes, can all have the affect of complicating what is directly in front of us, but Lipp seems to find a clarity in it all, and capture it beautifully in his work.

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