Memorieslab Home Fragrance

package design

Space, time, and light are the pillars of photography that have inspired the packaging design for Memorieslab Home Fragrance. Created by the award-winning design studio LOOVVOOL, these three pillars motivated three different packages that carry the same names and have particular characteristics.

For the first scent that draws an olfactive image of void and depth—named ‘Space’—we utilised brushed black aluminium for the container and a black marble cap. For the second—named ‘Time’—we used light grey wood and natural stone cap, to communicate the nature of time. And for the third—named ‘Light’—to resonate the warming glow of the light, we chose an amber glass bottle with a copper cap.
In addition to this, the inspiration for the timeless fragrance bottles was taken from a vintage chemistry flask, further strengthening the connection with photo labs and classic darkrooms.

Take a strong concept, look for references that can be applied to the design as synthesised as possible, without losing the strength of that initial concept. This approach has been beautifully executed by LOOVVOOL, and is worthy of celebration.

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